Do you ever look at a room or a closet or a drawer and say where the heck did all this stuff come from? Clutter! Kids clutter, kitchen clutter, bathroom clutter,  furniture clutter, clothes clutter and so on. When it comes to all this clutter in our homes we always find an excuse to keep it, because that’s our easy way out, it’s always easier to keep it then to find a reason to get rid of it. You know you don’t need it, and you know you don’t use it and most of the times you don’t even like most of the items, so why are we so attached?

Quick Fact: Did you know that the part of the brain which experiences the same pain as break up or losing a loved one is the same part that feels the pain of letting clutter go. 

We all know that we would be happier with less clutter, or crap as I’d call it. We would have more space for items that we actually put to good use. Whether you want to admit it or not and despite our best intentions we all have the clutter bug. Here are some reasons or my reasons for keeping my things and why I have a hard time getting rid of most of my things. Even though I know that deep down inside it is causing me stress and at times causing me to freak.

Why do YOU clutter, little bug?

*My first concern as I’m picking up an item to toss is, what if I can use it again ,what if someday I really need it?

Well there is always the chance that you MIGHT need it again SOMEDAY but I guess there’s a much better chance that you don’t ever need it again. So let’s be honest with ourselves, chances are we don’t even remember the last time we used this item.

*Second concern would be that I paid so much money for this!

Yes chances are I did pay way too much money for it ,and what was I thinking spending that kind of money on it, but it is not going to change the fact that I still have no use for it.and it’s not going to change the fact that the money has already been spent on it.

a thought would come to mind, lets sell it and get some money back for it, yes but from trying to list on Kijiji many times ,it is too time consuming ,and you get all these weirdos wanting to take it for pennies ,and people make appointments to come see the item and find a million things wrong with it so they can get it for next to nothing, and half the time people tell you they’ll be there  at six and come at nine or just not show up. So selling it is more stressful then useful.

On the other hand donating these items is an instant solution , you got rid of, its going to a charity that will make good use of it, you instantly made more space in your home, and it feels good to give.

*This was a gift from grandma or from so and so.

Well no problem. I’m not saying don’t be thankful for presents, I love gifts! I love getting gifts, giving gifts, wrapping gifts, and unwrapping gifts, just love everything about gifts. But in the end the items belong to you. Once an item has been gifted to you it now belongs to you and you can do what you wish with it.

So by all means get rid of and make room for something you really like.

*I can just give it to ______

I have things that I was going to give to someone, in the garage, in the trunk of my van, in the hallway closet, in the basement, and even in the trunk of my husband’s car. But I always forget, or they live too far, or i will do it tomorrow. So this is way too stressful because every time I look at these things I say, oh darn I need this crap out of my face. So you know what, I will give myself one week, if I do not see this person ,or pass by their home or forget to give it to them when I do see them, well then goodwill here i come.

*It’s still in good condition!

Oh but it’s still in great condition, it’s like brand new! Well hey, that’s great but still does not change the fact that you still don’t wear it, or have no use for or, even the fact that you don’t even love it. So donate it to goodwill where someone who needs it will put it to good use.

I found out that trying to declutter can be mentally exhausting, on the flip side keeping all these things is more challenging than getting it out of your way. Now I know that everyone’s tolerance for clutter is different, and at the end of the day it is your perception of clutter that matters not others.