[one_third last=”no”][accordian] [toggle title=”Basic Design Service” open=”no”]Our basic design package includes, a quick overview of your design. Dream touch renovations will draw up a 2D design plan for your project. With this plan we will include the basics for any renovation.[/toggle] [/one_third]

[one_third last=”no”][accordian] [toggle title=”Advanced Design Service” open=”no”] A 2D and a 3D design which will help you envision your room before the project starts. Accurate  material selections, with samples. Selection of paint, flooring, upgraded door samples, and hardware. [/toggle] [/one_third]

[one_third last=”yes”][accordian] [toggle title=”Extreme Design Service” open=”no”]Includes all Advanced options integrated with a full 4D video walk through of your entire project on the big screen. Detailed showrooms displaying your entire project right before your eyes. Make your selections on site with a personal designer designated ONLY for your project from start to finish. [/toggle] [/one_third]

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In the process of creating a home office, keep it simple. To keep up an effective functional, and comfortable space, you need to have a place for everything. Paying attention to the fine details during the setup of your office will ensure that you have created a space where you will actually enjoy and want to work. It will also make it an inviting space for other family members to want to come in and feel welcomed to do their work as well.


[fontawesome icon=”file-text-alt” circle=”yes” size=”small” iconcolor=”” circlecolor=”#f0a106″ circlebordercolor=”” animation_type=”0″ animation_direction=”down” animation_speed=””]GOING THE EXTRA MILE

Many people these days make the decision to either work from home full time or have a home  office to work the extra hours from home. Our home offices are not just used for business any more, but they are multifunctional spaces that are used by all the family members. Most families like to gather in this space to socialize with each other. Kids like to go in this room to either do some homework or to surf the internet. Parents also use this space to take a phone call or pay some bills online. Having a home office is a great way to add organization to your life. You can get a lot from such a little space in your home. having the right layout and furniture will make the difference in your outlook on working and your satisfaction towards your home office. Before you get caught up in the décor, you will need to consider your space size, budget and how much time you be spending in this apace.

An important point to enjoying this space is decorating it with comfort and functionality in mind. There is no wrong way to decorate an area in your house, after all it is only your opinion that matters in the end, and you are the one living in that space. But there are little ideas and suggestions that can add function and comfort to your designs.

A home office is usually kept in a small area in your home, so decorating that space can be a little tricky, especially if it is a space being used by more than one member of the family. So when decorating your home office keep in mind that you need to utilize your space and make it feel bigger than it actually is. This can be achieved by uses of colours and proper placement of office furnishings. All it takes is some inspiration and motivation to get the look and feel you desire.

Here are a few ideas that I hope will help and awaken your creativity for your home office

 -Start with your comfort in mind. Before you go out and buy all your furniture, make sure you measure the space, take into consideration windows, and door ways that your furniture has to fit around. There is nothing worse than bringing furniture home and having no room for it. Set a desk and have it not facing the window, this will help eliminate any glare on your computer screen. When  a chair for your office this is a piece is worth investing in. choose a chair that adjust in height to suite your comfort needs, make sure the office chair has back support. Comfortable home office furniture should fit your body.  If you are a tall person, ensure that your chair and table height will be in proportioned to you using it. Comfortable office furniture should look great, but feel like you can sit in it for hours on end.

-Beside the main big pieces of furniture such as the office chairs and desks, other accessory furniture pieces are very important to incorporate into your home office space. These pieces would include things like, book shelves, cabinets for files and storage. As well as maybe a printer stands. The kind of furniture you choose should fit in the room in such a manner that leaves enough space for you and your family to move around. These extra pieces of furniture serve to optimize office efficiency but don’t forget that in your home they can’t lack style. After all you want your home office to flow with the rest of your homes décor.

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[fusion_tab title=”Step #1″]The first step in designing your ideal space is gathering thoughts, and ideas from the web, friends and family. This will help envision your space with many different design personalities, and help create an ideal space good for everyone.   [/fusion_tab]
[fusion_tab title=”Step #2″]Once you have gathered all your ideas, it is time to call in a professional contractor, or a designer to bring forth their skills. Get your contractor and designer to meet up together to see if your designs could be implemented within the space.  [/fusion_tab]
[fusion_tab title=”Step #3″]No matter what the project, a 2D design should be completed by your contractor, or designer. This would allow the  home owner to see the overview of the project. Gather up product samples from your local vendors. Try to visualize your end result before beginning any work.   [/fusion_tab]
[fusion_tab title=”Step #4″]If a 2D design is not enough, hire your designer, and get a full 3D overview of your entire project. Most (OUR) designers would be able to virtually walk you through your project, and see even the finest details, such as carpet selection, or even the tiled backsplash. [/fusion_tab]
[fusion_tab title=”Step #5″]Once you have envisioned your 3D design, it’s time to begin creating it. Make sure all your material selections are on site, and your contractor is familiar with the type of products he will be installing. It would be a waste to go through all that hard work, and realize your contractor is not familiar with some of the selections. (You may void your warranty if a product is not installed correctly)[/fusion_tab]